Need a CCTV System?


This article helps you to specify a CCTV system; the intended audience for this guide being either an installing company or an end user. You should be aware there are many types of CCTV systems available on the market; these range from cheap cctv systems for basic monitoring, best value security camera systems for some form of identification and to high resolution security systems that lead to identification and prosecution.

A good security Hikvision IP Camera system will offer best value for money without compromise on the quality. There are many products available on the market which makes it very difficult to identify what products are suitable for your requirement.

 Sometimes, it is equally difficult to identify areas that are vulnerable and a suitable IP CCTV Camera to target that area. Most people forget that a cctv camera system is a long term investment and they should discuss their requirements with a technical sales person before they make the purchase.

Understanding cctv terminology can also be daunting, see our FAQ section for more details.

Understanding your Security requirements
Main reasons for your requirement of cctv security cameras will reflect the type of system you need. Some of the reasons for needing a security system could be:

- Shop theft
- Shop or home break-ins
- Vandalism
- Industrial espionage
- Danger to individuals from attack.
- Health and safety of individuals on the premises or site.
- To replace or reduce manned guarding.
- To supplement manned guarding, making them more efficient.
- To monitor persons entering and leaving the premises.
- To provide visual confirmation of intruders activating an alarm.
- To monitor a remote, unattended site.

Reasons for a system could be endless, but for a particular site, there will finite reasons for considering CCTV. If they cannot be listed, you probably don't need it.

What is the possible solution-
Once a problem is understood, the next step is to find how a solution can be achieved. The solution could be in many forms - it could be an intruder alarm system, some form of deterrent (lighting, fencing and gates), a cctv system or manned guarding. Your need will depend on the circumstances and requirements on any particular site, but it is important to at least make a list and consider all the possibilities. Some options maybe impracticable and others maybe too expensive but you should finish up with a short list of possibilities. Quite often, the solution will point to a cctv system as this will be cheaper and more affordable. Watch to learn more about CCTV.