How Do CCTV Systems Work?


It is best to feel safe in and outside of your home or your workplace. Closed-circuit television otherwise known as CCTV is everywhere these days. It is one of the best ways to make your life secured. This system will help you monitor things that you can't see 24/7 in and outside of your place. It will protect you from burglars as well as puts a peace in your mind because you know that you are safe. Let's see how CCTY system helps you.

Technically, it is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. These systems include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, bullet cameras, cameras with night vision abilities, wide-angled, pan tilt zoom cameras, IP cameras, et cetera. It is designed to monitor anytime, anywhere. These cameras are connected to a DVR that records the data. This data is then transmitted to a monitor or a group of monitors and can be accessed remotely through the internet or even a smartphone. This data can also be backed up on a USB external drive or CD-ROM. IP Camera Dubai offers the best Hikvision Dubai system for dependable protection.

Most of the Samsung IP Camera today are more advanced with license plate and facial recognition abilities. CCTV is used currently on our roadways. They help to monitor congestion and accidents by notifying the authorities when the average speed drops below a preset threshold or if the number of vehicles passing within a time period is above a certain threshold. It is also used in counting traffic and tracking vehicles. CCTV is used for training and educational purposes. A local marriage and family therapy group uses CCTV in their training rooms to help new practitioners refine their skills. CCTVs are used for monitoring who is coming in and out of the building after hours or before hours as well. You can always access those videos based on the time and date that they have been recorded. CCTVs are used for debriefing systems.

This system records and ties up and records the video of the room, the performances, the communication and everything that is happening inside a room where the CCTV is installed. CCTVs are used by retail and convenience stores which can take advantage of providing them mostly related to the surveillance of crimes. Today, however, CCTVs are used to monitor employees, inventory and quality. It also provides freedom and peace of mind. For more info about CCTV, visit .

In the dawn of CCTV after 1940s, we learned that life is more secured and convenient with the help of these systems.